A tabletop board game

Outrun the Bear


Sometimes you don’t have to OUTRUN THE BEAR… you just have to outrun your friends.

You’ll play against (or cooperate with) up to five friends as you manage your cards in a race for your lives.

Start at the campsite, and use fun action cards to make it all the way to the parking lot and the safety of the car (while helping or sabotaging your friends’ progress). Careful… you never know who has the CAR KEYS!

Easy & fun to learn for the whole gang with beautiful and funny artwork.

The game ends when all runners have either made it to the parking lot or have been eaten by the bear. So try to keep at least one friend between you and the bear at all times, and maybe you will manage to OUTRUN THE BEAR!

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Here’s how to get your paws on it

Get the game

OUTRUN THE BEAR is a physical, tabletop board game currently in pre-production. You should be able to back this game via crowdfunding campaign soon.

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A peaceful walk in the woods…

…interrupted by a hungry bear!


Whether it’s a slope that slides you back or a river that wears you out, this beautiful campground is full of terrain that can be a boon or a hindrance. A careless run could cost you your life.


As you run for your life, there will be opportunities for you to help or harm your other runners. Will you feed them to the bear for a better shot at your own survival, or try to survive together?


To facilitate your race, you’ll manage a hand of cards which represent ideas, items, and equipment that could help you make it to the safety of the car. Drew a card that won’t help right now? Toss it to gain some ground!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a physical, table top board game?

Yes… well it will be as soon as it is finished!

How can I get Outrun the Bear?

Right now the game is still in the development process, but if you sign up for the newsletter you’ll be notified as soon as we have a date set.

Is there anything I can do to help speed up the process?

Talk about the game, follow on instagram/twitter/facebook and share with your friends. And if you’d like, I’m always looking for new play testers.

Will you be crowd funding?

Yes, that’s the plan. I haven’t picked a platform yet, so keep on opening the newsletter to be one of the first to know when I have.

Meet the runners

Game Characters

In the base game of OUTRUN THE BEAR the runners are the pieces that you control, and the characters portrayed in the art. My goal is to one day bring you an expansion giving them unique abilities and win conditions– for now, just try to keep them alive for me, would you?

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  Andrea Allemanno