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Is it October already? Well you know what that means, leaves changing color, pumpkin spice in the air, and well-behaved bears getting ready for a long rest. Fortunately the bear I’ve got isn’t well-behaved, so it’s getting ready to head out into the world!

If you haven’t signed up to get notified at launch that button will be going away in just 27 hours and it will be replaced with pledge options.

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With the Kickstarter so close, I took sometime over on Facebook to answer a few questions that some community members had about the game and the campaign. Here are a couple you might be interested in:

Will you have different versions? (Basic vs deluxe). If yes, what’s the diff and price points?

Yes, there will be a Basic and Deluxe version for pledge. The base is $39 and the deluxe is $49 and shipping (+ VAT if applicable) will be charged in the pledge manager after the campaign.

Will there be stretch goals or will it come in its current form?

Yes, there are stretch goals, they will mostly focus on increasing the production quality of the game.

About how long does this game take to play?

Typically it plays in 20 to 45 minutes.

Will there be any add-ons/expansions or the base game?

Provided we fund, there will be eventually. I have two in my back pocket that I’m really excited about. Since Outrun the Bear is Around the Stump Games first campaign, I don’t plan on making them available at this time that way I can learn the ropes with minimal risk of delays. That said I do have the production costs solved for one of the expansions so this could change campaign does exceedingly well.

When is the estimated delivery date?

The estimate on the Kickstarter will be October 2023. It might be sooner, but I want everyone to plan on October in order to give room for unforeseen delays.


Oh and speaking of the delivery date, if you hadn’t heard, Andrea wrapped up the art last week! This is the first major win for Outrun the Bear delivering as fast as possible.

Since the art is finished, I was able to start polling the community on which card back the game should come with. Here are the two frontrunners.

(Image) One Day Between You And The Bear

One thing is for certain no matter which wins the game is beautiful!

The thing about Kickstarter

I’m pretty sure (hopefully!) that you’re on this list because you want to see Outrun the Bear on your table. Backing it via the Kickstarter campaign is obviously the way to make that happen. But because of how Kickstarter promotes projects, it’s important not just to back the project but– if at all possible– back it on Day One. That way, we have the best chance to reach every possible stretch goal and deliver the best game possible. So if you plan to back, and you haven’t followed the Kickstarter page… here’s that link again!

(Image) Go to Kickstarter page
(I know I mentioned the above in my last email, but I’m repeating it again because it really is just that crucial for the success of the campaign.)

One last thing– this is a small community but it’s been growing fast. I honestly have no idea what’s going to happen between tomorrow and the end of the campaign, so if you want to enjoy something awesome with your friends and family for years to come… well, tomorrow October 4th at 7am PST is the time to make that happen. I hope to see you and any of the friends that you invite.

Race you soon,

Sam Barmettler

Game Designer, Outrun the Bear