Hi Runners,

Did you see that the Kickstarter prelaunch page went up? Outrun the Bear’s Kickstarter launch date of October 4th is coming up quick, and I’m getting super excited. It feels great to see something that took so much time and effort to create become a product that can bring joy and fun to others. If you haven’t followed the Kickstarter page yet, here’s a big ol’ link for you to click right now!

(Image) Go to Kickstarter page
Now that you’ve followed the Kickstarter page, here’s some awesome new videos that have dropped.


We’ve got some videos: a trailer, previews, gameplay, and a how-to-play! Check ‘em out:

(Video) The trailer
(Video) Outrun The Bear Board Game Playthrough & Review
(Video) Outrun the Bear – How to Play
It’s been great to see how content creators like Harry, Stella, and Grant have responded to the game and there are even more coming!

The thing about Kickstarter

I’m pretty sure (hopefully!) that you’re on this list because you want to see Outrun the Bear on your table. Backing it via the Kickstarter campaign is obviously the way to make that happen. But because of how Kickstarter promotes projects, it’s important not just to back the project but– if at all possible– back it on Day One. That way, we have the best chance to reach every possible stretch goal and deliver the best game possible. So if you plan to back, and you haven’t followed the Kickstarter page… here’s that link again!

(Image) Go to Kickstarter page
Race you soon,

Sam Barmettler

Game Designer, Outrun the Bear