Just a quick update for this month. Things continue to move along well with the production of Outrun the Bear. Right now the game is still primarily in Gameland’s qualified hands, and their current timeline is:

  • They hope to be sending pictures of the printed preproduction components by the end of January
  • have the preproduction copies delivered by February 15th
  • if everything is up to snuff, on the boat by mid March.

There could still be some delays… we already had one COVID shutdown, which thankfully it didn’t slow down the timeline. Rest assured if anything comes up, you’ll know right away. I’m really looking forward to sharing the pictures they send me with you all in the update that will follow this one.


Last month I mentioned we’re giving away a signed prototype copy of the game just post a picture of your Print-n-play version of Outrun the Bear on Instagram and tag #Outrunthebeargame to enter… but I got some feedback that this contest was a higher barrier to entry than I had previously anticipated so I’m revising the rules.

Here’s the new rules:

  • Craft your print and play version of Outrun the Bear
  • Take some photos of your print – n- play version and email them to Aroundthestumpllc@gmail.com by February 11th.
  • A winner will be randomly selected from the entrees

Note these pictures will be shared in the next monthly update scheduled for February 18th.


It’s no secret that Outrun the Bear couldn’t have become what it is if it had only been me behind the whole process. A couple designers who helped me along the way were Travis and Andrew from Xplody games. They also have a game coming to Kickstarter January 31st they’ve been working on Alynthia for over six years and their love for the game really shows. If you’d like to check it out, here it is.

Well that’s all the news for this month. I’m really looking forward to sharing the images I get from Gameland in next month’s update!