Last month I shared that there were a few small changes that needed to be made after we received the preproduction copies of Outrun the Bear, and then we’d be greenlighting the full production process to start. GREAT NEWS! The changes were addressed and production was approved to start on March 7th.

Now that production is underway, when can we expect the games to be finished? Based on Gameland’s most recent estimate, the games should be printed, sorted, packed, and palletized between April 10th and 15th. While this is later than the original target of late March, I hope that not having a bear that falls over anytime a player sets a drink on the table is worth an extra 2-3 week wait. ????


Our next major step is going to be getting the games to our fulfillment partner Gamesquest, this will take roughly 2 months to complete – possibly three if there are any customs slowdowns. From there we expect about a month of sorting and 2-5 weeks for shipping.

What does this mean for you as a backer? The new fulfillment date for Outrun the Bear is sooner– it was October 2023 , but now it’s set for September 2023. ????


You might have noticed the pledge manager closed last week. This was because we reached the point of no return on making any changes to the order quantity. But you might have noticed that the shipping/VAT funds have not been collected yet, that’s because it’s your money and I want to hold it for as little time as possible. So your cards won’t be charged until Monday May 1st. This will give me enough time to prepay the shipping and get you your game ASAP.

Well that’s all the news for this month. I’ll be in touch on April 23rd with another update that will hopefully mention a bunch of bears setting off on the high seas.